Shariff Mazlan

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Shariff Mazlan

Outside of my full-time job and work behind the lens, I like to spend time with my loved ones. One of my core values in life is to prioritize my family and friends above all else. I feel as though this has been reflected in my work through lens with benefits as well. As you may have noticed, LWB was founded with this core value in mind. Why not have fun with my friends (and wife LOL) ?

Recently got married amidst the pandemic. I'm of Malaysian ethnicity and the cultural clothing you see above is what you'd typically see at Malaysian weddings. My wife, Aroob, is Pakistani and thus we held a multi-cultural wedding, consisting of Malaysian, Pakistani, and American traditions. The people you see in the picture were my groomsmen and grooms-women.

I'm an avid traveller, who will take any opportunity given to travel and explore new places. Since the pandemic, I've been dying to go somewhere abroad. It's because of travel that I picked up videography.

This picture was taken in Arooba (heh) while on my honeymoon.


Aniq Bhatti

About Me

Aniq Bhatti

Unique. Similar to my name, I like to add style to my shoots. Whatever trend you see on social media, ask me and we can replicate it.

One of my biggest passions: cars.

Much of my portfolio consists of cars, which is what kicked off my hobby to shoot photography. If you're an avid gear-head, hit me up and let's talk about cars

Although I mainly focus on photography, there'll be some times I'll do a bit of videography work. I will stitch a few stills and turn them into a .gif, alongside with other various techniques.


Matt Tran

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Matt Tran




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